Picmapp makes really easy to spot where you or your friend took a photo. Just select a picture from your camera roll and Picmapp will show you the original location on the map. But that’s not all!

Picmapp can give you even more details about your photos:

  • A full geolocated address
  • GPS coordinates
  • Device informations
  • Photo details
  • Date and time
  • Resolution
  • Aperture
  • Shutter speed
  • Exposure time
  • ISO Speed

You can easily get routing direction opening the location in Apple Maps and if you want to copy some of the details above, just long press the one you are interested in and you’ll have that information on your Pasteboard.

Access to complete metadata is available for advanced users, just swipe left from the details screen to show them up.

Visit the Official Website: picmapp.apptown.io

Download on the App Store

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