Drinking water at the right time is a simple formula to keep our body constantly hydrated and stay healthy.

WaterOn will help you keeping hydrated all the time: start by drinking your first glass in the morning and keep going as WaterOn reminds you at the right interval when you need to drink another glass.

– Daily progress tracking with how many glasses are left in order to reach your goal
– Choose between glass, cup, bottle or enter a custom quantity when you drink
– See your statistics on a weekly chart, including estimated hydration level, goal hit, maximum and average
– Customize your daily goal
– Smart reminders: get reminded only if you need to drink more
– Custom notification time: set from when to when you want to get notified to drink more
– Snooze a notification to 15 minutes
– Mute notifications for the day

Supported units: metric (ml), imperial (oz)

WaterOn – Keep on drinking. Stay healthy.

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